Obsidian can now be obtained in the nether in two ways. The first is to pour poison water


on lava. This will work as an infinite obsidian generator, if you can get it to work. The second way to get obsidian is to find obsidian beaches. These work like the sandy beaches of the overworld, meaning you will find them on the shores of the lava oceans. These are the only two ways so far, (besides destroying the nether portal).

As of Nether X version 1.3, obsidian has been put into a couple of crafting recipes. The first one is an obsidian boat. They are crafted like a normal boat, but with obsidian instead of wood. The second is an obsidian door which works like an iron door but is crafted with obsidian instead of iron. The third is the execration table which is crafted like an enchanting table but with necromite instead of diamonds. The fourth is the ghast shrine. It is made by putting obsidian on the top, a ghast tear in the middle, and nether brick everywhere else. The fifth is an obsidian pressure plate. It is crafted like a normal pressure plate, and works like one too.

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