A vilewood log.

Vilewood Logs, called "Villewood" ingame are building blocks that spawn in dead looking trees called Vilewood Trees.


Vilewood has the characteristics of a regular Vanilla Log and has a scalelike texture on the side colored Dark Red Similar to the color of Nether Bricks.

Block Strength

Vilewood is as blast resistant as Vanilla wood and has the same breaking speed as any Vanila Wood and, just like vanilla wood, it's possible for the player to obtain it using his/her fist.

Differences between Vanilla wood

Vilewood does have alot of similarties with Vanila wood but it has the uniquie ability to be fireproof and lavaproof. However if Lava Particles land on the Vilewood it catches on fire, but will eventually burn out, not destroying the block because it's impossible to create fire on Vilewood with a flint & steel. Because Vilewood is fireproof it cannot be used to burn charcoal in a furnace.


When put in a crafting slot it will give the player 4 Vilewood planks.


Nether X Blocks Vilewood02:11

Nether X Blocks Vilewood

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